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Borygo Premium Extended Life

Borygo Premium Extended Life ensures long-time protection against freezing, overheating and corrosion. This fluid may be used in internal combustion engines equipped with cooling systems made of aluminium, cooper and their respective alloys. Especially recommended for technologically advanced internal combustion engines, which require appropriate protection in tough/rough conditions.  Can be combined with majority of cooling fluids of equally high quality, produced with the use of ethylene glycol. Freezing temperature - 37°C guarantees cooling system full protection during tough winters in our climate conditions. Borygo Premium is a long-life cycle product which guarantees the protection of cooling systems for 5 years or at least 250 000 kilometres of constant exploitation. Borygo Premium can be directly used by OEM’s and holds numerous car producers authorisations, including:

  • FORD  WSS - M97B44-D
  • GM OPEL GM 6277 M
  • VW TL774F (G 12+)
  • DEUTZ 0199-99-115/6
  • KOMATSU 07.892 (2009)
  • MAN B&W AG D36 5600
  • VOLVO AB RENAULT Truck 41-01-001 Type D

Product’s high quality guarantees Motor Transport Institute COC under the norms of PN – C 40007:2000, and Safety Certificate Mark B.

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