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Borygo Eko

Borygo Eko is motor antifreeze which main ingredient is non-toxic propylene glycol of high purity.

It has a set of anticorrosion inhibitors and improvers which guarantee unchanged exploitation properties within 5 years. Application of this fluid is environmentally harmless due to its fast biodegradation. This fluid might be used in internal combustion engines made of aluminum, cooper and its alloys. Effectively protects, all cooling installation metals, against cavitation corrosion. Borygo Eko fluid obtained from company ARCO (now Lyondell), as one of the few in the world, TRIGARD (triple protection: freezing, corrosion, and environment).

Best quality of this product affirms Motor Transport Institute COC under the norms of PN – C 40007:2000, and Safety Certificate Mark B.

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