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Borygo Alu Formuła

The most technologically advanced radiator coolant, which meets the world car producers’ requirements.

New technology, obeyed strict quality norms on each production phase led to the success of fluid Borygo Alu Formuła based on ethylene glycol, which now is a leader in its category.Aluminum and its alloys are commonly used materials in production of engines and cooling systems. Borygo Alu Formuła guarantees perfect protection of those units against corrosion, overheating and freezing. Even rough weather conditions cannot reduce full engine protection capacity of this fluid. It meets the requirements of an American norm ASTM D 4340, which regards to the cooling systems efficiency in extremely tough conditions. Only few fluids meet requirements of this demanding norm. The radiator coolant also meets the requirements of low-solidifying point fluids for internal combustion engines cooling systems specified by Polish Norm (PN-C-40007:2000). It holds COC and Safety Mark B.

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