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The copartnership history begins in 1911, when in the town named Sochaczew were developed manufacturing plants owned by Belgian copartnership “Socié té anonyme belge des Soies artificielles de Sokhatcheff, é tablie a Bruxelles”. On 19th December 1911  the copartnership was formally registered under the brand name “Belgijskie Towarzystwo Sochaczewskiej Fabryki Sztucznego Jedwabiu”. The factory never gained the planned form, as the World War inhibited this initiative, and the war operation caused the overall destructions of the factory denotative part. After the I World War began the factory reconstruction under the name Belgijska Spółka Akcyjna Zakład Przemysłowy w Boryszewie, which was gunpowder oriented. To the production of gunpowder was needed ethylene alcohol which the factory started produce in 1921.

In 1922 factories’ difficult financial situation forced the coopartnership management to sell part of shares to Polish-French concern “Pocisk” in Warsaw. Since that moment, began the production of maneuver and fighter gunpowder used in small-bore weapons and cannons.

In 1932 the coopartnership started the cement production relying on the German license of the Ascher company. “Borygo” dental cement was well known from its high quality, which proclaims its production in Sochaczew till 1950. In the 1930s were launched cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

In 1st September 1939 was created new production powder division, which was abolished in 5th September by the order of the Military Affairs Ministry. The crew with the whole equipment and tools was delegated to the gunpowder plant in Pionki. Only week later the manufacture was occupied by German occupation army and at the same time shifted into the prison camp.

When the warfare ended in 1945 the factory reconstruction began. The dental cement and pharmaceutical products production was restarted, and instead of gunpowder was produced ether used in narcosis, amyl alcohol and cosmetic oils. In 24th October 1947 the factory was seized by the Central Chemical Industry Council and later on was part of the United Plants of Dry Wood Distillation. It was connected with the radiator coolant and lactic acid production and simultaneous ethylene glycol production cease.

In 1950 the factory changed its brand name into Pharmaceutical Plants BORYSZEW and it was taken over by the Central Pharmaceutical Industry Council. The fifties were the time of intensive and fast factory growth. During those times launched was production of flooring tiles, solvents, stearates and latex adhesives. The pharmaceuticals, dental cement and cosmetic oils production was withdrawn. What is more, about the company’s success decided the possibility of gaining new production equipment. In the 1960s developed the measures production used in synthetic materials processing, this initiated the company’s production profile.

After the brand name change into Zakład Tworzyw Sztucznych BORYSZEW – ERG and the takeover by Zjednoczenie Przemysłu Tworzyw Sztucznych ERG was noticed a significant extension of plastic processing. Produced products assortment grew with the firm intensive development. 

In 1992 as a consequence of BORYSZEW ERG privatization was created joint-stock company Boryszew S.A. with 100% capital interest. From the very beginning of 1996 the Boryszew S.A. shares went public on the stock exchange.

Boryszew in 1999, according to its wide products range, gained a strategic investor – Mr. Roman Karkosik. New shareholder initiated a copartnership development. The takeover of factories, their overhaul and merge lead to the records improvement which was recognized by investors on the stock rate rise. During few years was established one of the largest Chemical Groups in Poland.

The fusion of Boryszew S.A. and to large coopartnerships – polyester producer Elena S.A.in Toruń and zinc oxide producer Huta Oława, was registered in 2005. Till December 2005 the factory in Sochaczew was functioning under the brand name Boryszew SA Branch Boryszew in Sochaczew.

In July 2007 decision about the Barch Boryszew detachment was made. The copartnership under the name Boryszew ERG SA was formed. Its whole share (100%) owns Boryszew SA. Next fusion took place in December 2013, Boryszew S.A. and Boryszew ERG S.A. were merged. Currently the factory in Sochaczew operates under the brand name Boryszew S.A. Branch Boryszew ERG in Sochaczew.

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