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What fluid kind is the most efficient according to our climate?

Poland is situated in mild climate zone and that is why our fluids consists of 50% water and around 49% ethylene or propylene glycol (health harmless) and contains various protective additives. Among those additives we can enumerate corrosion inhibitors, which hold corrosion formation. Such a chemical composition enables to keep a large warmth capacity and protective properties. Recently, with company Boryszew ERG we have conducted plenty tests and analysis of Borygo fluids, that confirmed the content of perfectly combined additives, which ensure full engine protection against: corrosion, overheating and freezing. Unfortunately not every radiator coolants’ producers care about their fluids full engine protection capacity. Glycols, as a diacid alcohol has corrosive properties, mixed with water those properties double. So as we can see, appropriate inhibitors compound plays a significant role. Furthermore, on Polish market appeared many products without valid additives, instead is used huge amount of glycerin which exacerbates fluids quality. Fluids end users are not aware how harmful is the usage of low quality radiator coolants. They mostly learn about it when unexpected breakdown comes out and expensive repair is required. 

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