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Car radiator coolants have different colours. Is it connected with their usage or properties?

Yes it is a true; on the motor market are many car radiator coolants of different colours. Colour is not connected with usage or properties. During 90s fluids producers stated to use colourific additives, which initiated a confusion related with fluids colouring. The majority of traditionally produced fluids (technology IAT) have green or blue colour. New fluids types, produced in technology OAT have red, pink, blue, orange, purple colour or even colourless (this one without colour is not soo popular among drives as it reminds water). Repeatedly fluids have iridescent colour, they change taint under light angle of incidence. There do not exist clear rules which state that fluid colour is the only ground to determine fluid type. The reason of fluids coloration is customers’ safety; it is protection against random intake. Company Boryszew ERG whit which we cooperate has in its offer wide products range, and they use colours for products identification, e.g. fluid Borygo Eko – green one, which thanks to the use of glycol is eco friendly.  The most popular is Borygo Nowy, like the majority of fluids based on glycol it is pink. The latest one is Borygo Start which received blue colour. Producer used colourless packaging as they enable to choose appropriate fluid and avoid eventual mistakes while using given fluid.

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