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Better option – ready to use radiator coolant or concentrate

Changing the fluid we may use to variants: ready to use fluid or concentrate, under condition that we will dilute it with distilled water. Definitely better solution is ready to use fluid. Coolants produced in factories contain ideal amount of glycol, properly combined set of additives and composition homogeneity (it is well mixed). None concentrate supplementation can gratify to meet all the above mentioned requirements.  Impurity of prepared mixture may cause presence of ‘water plugs’ – places in the cooling system where the concentrate did not mix with water. In this situation minus temperature may cause huge problems. Extremely valid is the concentrate itself. Concentrate solidify in -18°C and the addition of 50% water lead to the temperature lowering -35°C. There can be only one conclusion – too high content of glycol in the radiator coolant causes freezing point temperature rising instead of its falling.

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