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Why Borygo?

Efficient cooling system is one of the most basic elements of reliable car functioning. Unfortunately this fact is constantly forsaken during everyday exploitation; its failure may cause expensive repair or a car cripple. Except system technical condition systematic control it is worth to follow the basic rule – change the fluid according to the car producer’s recommendation. 

Boryszew’s ERG years of experience enabled – as the only one on the Polish market- the development of fluids palette, bearing in mind different cooling systems specifications. Each fluid is ready to use product which contain anticorrosion additives, antioxidants, stabilizers and non-foaming substances. 

A set of high quality supplements is neutral toward the environment and ensures the full protection of all the cooling system elements, including those made of rubber.

The fluids quality is confirmed by required norms and certificates. Many times the fluids were acknowledged by consumers awards like: Laur Konsumenta 2010 title, Polska Jakość 2011, Konsumencki Leader Jakości 2012. Borygo fluids are available in retail packaging 1 and 5 litres. Former fluids are used for radiator refilling, and latter ones for the fluid change in the majority of well known car brands. Every fluid holds 5 years warranty and guarantees optimal protection in the temperature of - 35°C.

Despite the general opinion Borygo is not a seasonal fluid, which functioning recede during the winter. The fluid role is to guarantee the optimal engine protection against low temperatures and overheating. An actual offer contains a fluids large range for various vehicles types. Among them one, which is Borygo Nowy (pink), should be highlighted. It is a universal  coolant used in engine cooling systems of cars, vans, trucks, buses, building machines, military equipment, tractors and stationary engines equipped with both, soldered brass (cooper) or aluminium radiators. Borygo Eko (green), is a coolant which was developed for internal combustion engines made of aluminium, its alloys and cast iron. This fluid hols the prestige mark Trigard which confirms its triple protection: freezing, corrosion and environment. As the only one in Poland, it is based on propylene glycol, which is entirely harmless toward the environment.   

The newest product, in the fluids family, is Borygo Premium Extended Life. Innovative product; based on special concentrate Havoline XLB which ensures radiator long and reliable protection against corrosion and freezing. New formula guarantees radiator full protection even during extremely low temperatures – this fluid freezes in the temperature of -37°C. As the one of few Polish radiator coolants it meets the requirements of well known car producers, like: DAF, FORD, OPEL GM, ISUZU, MAN, AUDI, VW, etc.

Thanks to the effective distribution network, fluids BORYGO are available in many retail outlets – markets, supermarkets, in the majority of petrol stations, industrial and motor shops. The prices of the pink fluid begin from 9 zlotys for 1 litre packaging and the 5 litre packaging starts from only 35 zlotys.

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