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Changing the fluid we may use to variants: ready to use fluid or concentrate, under condition that we will dilute it with distilled water. Definitely better solution is ready to use fluid. Coolants produced in factories contain ideal amount of glycol, properly combined set of additives and compo...

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Yes it is a true; on the motor market are many car radiator coolants of different colours. Colour is not connected with usage or properties. During 90s fluids producers stated to use colourific additives, which initiated a confusion related with fluids colouring. The majority of traditionally ...

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The freezing point temperature in the cooling system depends on the glycol content. In the factory made fluids the glycol content is around 49%. To avoid troubles during winter we should about regular car radiator coolant supplementation and in the garage require the freezing point temperature m...

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Poland is situated in mild climate zone and that is why our fluids consists of 50% water and around 49% ethylene or propylene glycol (health harmless) and contains various protective additives. Among those additives we can enumerate corrosion inhibitors, which hold corrosion formation. Such a chem...

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Efficient cooling system is one of the most basic elements of reliable car functioning. Unfortunately this fact is constantly forsaken during everyday exploitation; its failure may cause expensive repair or a car cripple. Except system technical condition systematic control it is worth to follow the...

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Tap water in the case of the car exploitation lead to the radiator precipitation. Settling crust reduces the fluid flow which can cause engine overheating. The next worry is the minus temperatures occurring between October and April. Also the usage of water during spring and summer is not recomm...

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