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Dobra Marka 2014 (dodano 2014-03-07)

The distinction Dobra Marka- Jakość, Zaufanie, Renoma is awarded for the most advanced and developed brands on the Polish market. Programme Organisers, which was arranged under the sponsorship of the Philosophy and Sociology Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences, conducted the market examination which goal was to estimate the value, enterprise, reputation and approval of each brand. The analysis subjects were: position on the market and its strength, the quality presented by a given product or a service, consumers trust.

Gazele Biznesu 2012 (dodano 2013-04-16)

We are both proud and glad to inform our customers that company Boryszew ERG obtained the Gazele Biznesu 2012 title. Ranking Gazele Biznesu 2012 is the 13th edition of the most popular and the oldest comparison of small and large businesses. The juxtaposition developed on the instruction of Plus Business redaction by the commercial inquiry office Coface Poland based on the results from three years of small and medium companies. To become Gazela Biznesu, each company for three years has to extend the turnover and reach high earnings.

Konsumencki Lider Jakości 2012 (dodano 2012-10-28)

Konsumencki Lider Jakości 2012 is a Polish nationwide, consumer promoting program, leaded by Readkcja Strefy Gospodarki, a supplement to the Dziennik Gazety Prawnej. Its goal is to appoint, according to customers opinions, the best brands and companies available and functioning on the Polish market.

Polska Jakość 2011 (dodano 2012-10-28)

Polska Jakość is a Polish nationwide media Project, organized by Strefa Gospodarki in Dziennik Gazety Prawnej news paper. The program’s goal is the promotion of dominant brands on the Polish market. Its main objective is the promotion of Polish solutions in the following categories: product, service, and innovation. It is addressed to the companies which superior idea is the attention to details, products and services quality, management’s standards.

Laur Klienta 2010 (dodano 2012-10-28)

Laur Klienta is Polish nationwide consumer project, which main goal is to appoint the most well-known products and brands in its categories. This plebiscite grants manufacturers, distributors and service providers information about the most successful, bestselling, trustworthy products in its category. In each category the plebiscite is conducted on the group of 800 respondents. Into account was taken brand popularity among the Polish customers.

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